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Meet Ely

Her Mission

To share flamenco as part of the art and culture in the community, including schools, and local organizations; to give opportunity to kids, and adults be part of "The Flamenco Movement".  An initiative that gives back to the community with support of local sponsorships, and donations helping it grow in a manner that our dance programs can be offered to families with low economic resources, allowing them to participate in our programs at no cost.


Experienced, Professional Dancer, and Choreographer

Ely has 20+ years of dance experience with a strong foundation in classical ballet, and flamenco.  Her extensive career has led her to work, and perform in special performances in Central Florida, Miami, and Orlando, including local venues "tablaos", showcasing flamenco as the preferred art form, where she shows maturity, and sensibility of the different rhythms.  She is very much devoted, and in the pursuit of promoting educational programs, as well as to foster and develop new talent to join for upcoming performances. 

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