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Flamenco Dance

Flamenco Dance Program

Learn and develop the skills, of this beautiful and passionate dance form. * All levels welcome*

Our programs are well designed, focusing on all aspects of the flamenco dance discipline and art form, providing an understanding of musicality, footwork technique, and body  movement; combining all the elements together, transforming you into a beautiful flamenco dancer.

The handrail in the dance Studio. Interi

Our Classes

Our Method Is Based on The Signature Dance Series

Our signature program called "Dance Series" has served as the platform in which we follow all of our current classes.  They are based on a formal dance discipline, and they have continuity every month, this way students have consistency, and see progress as they move along to other levels of training. We also have other dance training options such as Private Lessons, Semi-Private, and Group Lessons. 

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