​What is the {Dance Series Program}?

The {DSP}  is the signature program created by Flamenco De Perfil, which welcomes any aspiring dancer, from the non-experienced to the most professional. The program is very well structured and rounded; it is specifically designed to focus on a determined rhythm in flamenco, better known as "palo", thus providing full understanding of musicality, and full body technique (footwork, arms and wrists, body posture, and movement).  It also includes a short choreography, which incorporates all the elements learned in class.


If you have never taken a flamenco dance class, now is your chance. It's never too late to start! Reserve your space now! 

What is Flamenco?

There is more to flamenco than just the dance.  A full history class will be much needed to give a better understanding, but in a nutshell, flamenco is a rich culture, with an incredible background history that started with the gypsies from the southern region of Spain, from the Andalusian people (it's said before the 18th century), and it has been passed on from generation to generation. The art and dance of flamenco is truly passion, expression, and certainly full of emotions, and it is accompanied by singing, guitar, and hand clapping.  Want to know more? Take a brief look at our classes to learn more.

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