Flamenco for Kids (7 yrs. +)

A fun class where students can develop coordination, build strength, learn musicality, and the different rhythms within flamenco.  It also allows creativity, self-expression.

Flamenco Beginners (Teen to Adults)

The beginner class is intended for all students taking flamenco for the first time.  It encompasses basic elements such as body positioning and technique, including arms, wrists, posture, and footwork which will be later incorporated into a small choreography during class, giving the student a better comprehension of how everything works together.  The student will also be able to acquire knowledge of the different rhythms within flamenco.

Flamenco Intermediate

The student must already dominate both of  the Beginner Level classes, having a wider knowledge of the different rhythms within flamenco.  In this class the student must be able to maintain a higher level of resistance and technique, accompanied by a greater intensity in movement and speed, including class choreography and in footwork.


This class will teach you the proper technique to play castanets or "palillos", along with various exercises that are essential to get the right music out of this amazing instrument.

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